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Since almost all of its programming will be offered for free, ProgressLex's budget relies on annual fees that individuals contribute to support and access the work of ProgressLex. 

Since almost all of the campaign’s work will be free to the public, membership is voluntary. However, ProgressLex members will receive benefits that will evolve and develop as the campaign progresses.

Products from the campaign will be beneficial to anyone who works in civic or community sectors. This includes non-profit organizations seeking to better understand city funding structures, businesses wanting clarity on development and economic development policy, and citizens wanting to know what exactly is going on in their backyard.

In order to make membership accessible, memberships are offered at many levels:

  • Sponsor ($10,000)
  • Donor ($5,000)
  • Contributor ($1,000)
  • Supporter (~$250)
  • Member ($25)
Become a Member